About Us

About Us

  • Establishment: Act Decor was founded with clear objectives, aiming to secure a special place among the best Corian and Compact companies in the Egyptian and global markets.
  • Constant Customer Satisfaction: We always strive for complete customer satisfaction and provide excellent post-sales service.
  • Collaborating with Distinguished Companies: We cooperate with outstanding companies to achieve mutual interests and create opportunities for collaboration and investment.
  • Building Extensive Business Relationships: We aim to establish strong connections with the local, regional, and international business community.

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Our Previous Work

Company Goals

Act Decor for Corian and Compact works with a clear vision and a high level of precision and efficiency in design and manufacturing. With 30 years of experience in our highly skilled team and the expertise we possess, we aim to hold a leading position in the Egyptian market by offering the best services to our customers, whether individuals or companies, and becoming their preferred brand.

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